Our people are at the core of our innovations

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alta Cultural Statement

At alta technology, innovation is at the core of our dreams.

Pioneering in advanced decarbonisation technologies, shaping the future of energy, and empowering a sustainable world fuel our inspiration. We dream of a future illuminated by cleaner energy. A future that champions our people, our global community, and our planet. We envision a team that embodies support, inclusivity, and collaboration—a team rich in diversity, skills, and perspectives. A team eager to learn, evolve, and embrace challenges. Dedicated to driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions. United in our pursuit to develop more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous paths forward. Our passionate visionaries have shown that with determination, any challenge transforms into a stepping stone towards a brighter tomorrow. Let's embrace this journey together.

Here's to being empowered by alta in enabling the future cycle of energy!

Always Be Better
Owning It
Creative Ingenuity
Problem Solvers
Keeping It Simple
Being Daring

Our Capabilities

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Our Group

Alta's Group was established in 1992, with its headquarters, R&D, and production base located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Recognized as a state-level specialized, innovative, and high-tech enterprise, Alta's Group is a strategic partner of the Institute of Electrician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and co-owns the Alta R&D Center.

Since its inception, Alta's Group has adhered to a strategic path of technology-driven development, prioritizing core technology autonomy and continuous innovation within the urban rail transit market. The company has evolved into a leading supplier of traction systems, control systems, and other related products and solutions in the domestic rail transit sector.

Leveraging its expertise in high-power power electronics technology, Alta's Group has strategically expanded into the electric drive industry. This includes electrification applications for national railways, traction electric drive systems for rail transit, power assemblies for construction machinery (such as high-power mining machinery and rail engineering vehicles), marine power systems, new energy power solutions, and life cycle maintenance solutions. The company provides comprehensive support services across these domains.

Members of our group

Zhongke Huashi Electronics

Our core R&D and innovation team beyond rail

Luneng Huashi Electronics

Leaeder in battery technology and decarbonisation

Nanao Heavy Equipment
Experts in metal fabrication and cabinet design

Our Collaborators

Alta believes that decarbonisation is not the work of a single company alone. It requires industry wide cooperations, international resourcing and even working with new suppliers beyond the traditional realms. We are happy to cooperate with all like minded individuals in order to complete the tasks at hand. It is our honour and pleasure to have been involved in numerous great projects with some of our key collaborators.

Who we work with