alta Technology's Battery Electric Tender (BET) project represents a transformative step in rail transportation, aimed at reducing emission impacts while enhancing efficiency. Eventually, achieving the target of rail industry decarbonisation in the 2050s

This project integrates advanced hybrid electric systems with regenerative braking technology into rail operations, aligning with global decarbonization goals.

About Aurizon

Aurizon (ASX: AZJ) stands as Australia’s largest rail freight operator and a publicly listed entity on the ASX. With a yearly transport capacity exceeding 250 million tonnes of Australian commodities, Aurizon plays a pivotal role in linking miners, agricultural and industrial producers to both domestic and international markets through its expansive national rail and road network.

Aurizon manages and operates 5,100 kilometres of track infrastructure, including critical routes like the Tarcoola to Darwin railway, essential for central Australia’s supply chain, and the Central Queensland Coal Network, which boasts 2100 kilometres of electrified corridor facilitating access to renewable energy sources from the Queensland grid.

Advantages of the BET

    Enhanced Efficiency

    By harnessing regenerative energy, the BET project significantly cuts fuel consumption and operating costs.

    Reduced Environmental Impact

    The BET reduces emissions contribute to a cleaner environment, aligning with sustainability targets.

    Operational Flexibility

    The BET's compatibility with existing rail infrastructure facilitates seamless integration into current rail systems, promoting broader adoption.

    Energy Regeneration

    The BET captures regenerative energy during normal operations, which is produced when the train brakes or descends.

    This system operates in three modes — pure diesel, hybrid, and pure electric —reducing reliance on traditional rail infrastructure and capturing regenerative energy, thus enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency

    Challenges & Solutions

    Implementing the BET faces challenges such as technological integration with diverse train models and infrastructure adaptations.

    alta addresses these through continuous innovation and collaboration with industry stakeholders to ensure compatibility and efficiency across various rail networks.

    Future Implications

    The successful implementation of alta's Battery Electric Tender (BET) project has demonstrated two key insights crucial for advancing rail transport sustainability:

    The viability and effectiveness of integrating battery electric technology in rail transport systems, and the scalability and adaptability of battery electric solutions in rail transport infrastructure.

    The BET project is set to revolutionize rail transport by providing a sustainable, efficient, and adaptable solution that supports the transition towards greener and more sustainable rail systems.

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